Photography Classes

Yankov has a personal mission and passion to educate and enlighten people with arts. He has involved in many education institutions and projects. His spectacular skills and knowledge in photography also lead him to working relationship with Profoto, Mamiya Leaf, Phase One, so on and so forth.

Yankov is a very experience instructor. Coming from the background of being a director, he knows exactly how to inspire and instruct at the same time. Number of students who attended his class is countless after all these years.

It’s always great fun attending Yankov’s classes. You are going to learn and laugh at the same time. You are going to understand the core of everything Yankov teaches, and they are always practical and improves the students’ photography skills right the way. There has been quite a lot of students who eventually became professional photographers, while there are also professional photographers who came for brushing up their skills.

Creative Photography Workshop

DeOdd - Ki Tang, is a renown photographer for his creative ideas. Teaming up with Ki, Yankov is going to lead a class like no others. 

Students are going to tap into the mind of the 2 masters, see how they animate ideas into photo, from "impossible" to "unbelievable".

Team up and create stunning photo on the fly is the key of this workshop. With equipment support from Phase One and Profoto, every student is going to bring home with something "Unbelievable".

Photography "One on One"

We do offer one on one classes, in which Yankov is going to teach you whatever you would like to learn. Most of these sessions are 1-2 hours long. Most of the students who come to Yankov for studio lighting for portraiture and product photography, and also location lighting with both speed light and bigger lights. The cost for that is HK$1000/hr up, depending on the level of the technique being taught and complexity of the technique.

Yankov also do teach group classes occasionally. Normally from group of 5 up to group of 20 people. For any interested group, please feel free to let us know and we can come up with tailor made classes. We have experience working with big corporates for professional training, and also leisure photography classes as recreational activities for different companies.