Who is Yankov Wong

Yankov is a professional photographer and director who has been working in the industry for more than 10 years now. He is the first Chinese who got into one of the best Film schools in the world, U.C.L.A. and earned a Master of Fine Arts. He is also a member of Hong Kong Institution of Professional Photographer.

Being a director, he believes that one need to understand how everybody works in order so that he can make use of the best provided from everybody who is working together in any single project. His early training in Music, Photography and all other art forms eventually shaped him into the professional photographer and director he is now.

Being a professional photographer, his style is very diverse. From sensual capture of moments, to high end fashion photography. You will find stylistic theatrical shots in his portfolio, and very detailed commercial photography and product photography. He is a master of light. And that's why he is working so closely with some of the biggest brands in Photography now. Mamyia Leaf, Phase One, Profoto, etc.

In the year of 2008, Yankov Wong Production expended. We have more in house professional photographers, each have different talent. We provide commercial photography of all kind. Fashion Photography, High Speed Photography, Product Photography, Commercial Photography, Underwater Photography, etc.

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作為一個專業攝影師,他的風格非常多樣化。從精準的細節捕捉;到高端時裝攝影。有極富戲劇感的作品,到極為仔細的產品攝影作品。他更是燈光大師,以致他今天不時與攝影業界的最大品牌常常合作,例如Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Profoto等等。

在2008年,Yankov Wong Production已擴展至有多名攝影師。每個都有自己的專長。我們提供各式各樣的商業攝影服務。人像攝影、時裝攝影、高速攝影、商品攝影、產品攝影、廣告攝影等等。

Our Vision

We custom made to orders. We pay attention to every fine details as we know that every assignment is unique. We fulfil our client’s needs in stylish, artistic and creative ways. We want out clients leaving with no only beautiful images but also great experiences.


Samsonite, American Tourister, Tumi, TSL, CKI, GSK, HKU, HKUST, HK Government, UNESCO, Many Many+, MRRM, Hyperzpeed, etc