Yankov has a personal mission and passion to educate and enlighten people with arts. He has involved in many education institutions and projects. His spectacular skills and knowledge in photography also lead him to working relationship with Profoto, Mamiya Leaf, Phase One, so on and so forth.

Yankov is a very experience instructor. Coming from the background of being a director, he knows exactly how to inspire and instruct at the same time. Number of students who attended his class is countless after all these years.

It’s always great fun attending Yankov’s classes. You are going to learn and laugh at the same time. You are going to understand the core of everything Yankov teaches, and they are always practical and improves the students’ photography skills right the way. There has been quite a lot of students who eventually became professional photographers, while there are also professional photographers who came for brushing up their skills.

Upcoming Course(s)

Profoto A1 at Work 實戰工作坊

Yankov is going to share his years of experience on location lighting, and more than that, it's with the Profoto A1 this time.

The Profoto A1 is a game chager. It has inproved a lot of photographer's workflow, including Yankov's. You are going to learn abut the basics of using flash in a lot of location shooting scenerios. 

Yankov 會把他多年的佈光經驗和大家分享,而今次更多的,是Profoto A1。

Profoto A1把很多攝影師的習慣都改變了,她是世界上最小的影樓燈。由於他的便捷快速,很快便成為了有要求的攝影師的新寵兒。在這個工作坊中,Yankov會把閃光燈的基本運用介紹,同時講解實戰時的要點。

posters_A1-04 copy.jpg



時間:10:00am - 12:00noon (第一場)*

           1:30pm-3:30pm          (第二場)*

           4:00pm-6:00pm         (第三場)*




Profoto A1 主要功能介紹



* 每人只限參加一場,每場名額20人,先到先得。

** 入門課程,學員無需對閃光燈有任何認識。

Profoto A1 攝影比賽

只有參加了Profoto A1 實戰工作坊的學員,才可以參加這次的Profoto A1攝影比賽。詳情請參閱Profoto A1 攝影比賽專頁